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This Weekend

I am aiming to get the following achievements.


Gonna also try for
but no promises, the game is a bitch!


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Harm’s Way

Another free game with easy-G on the marketplace! And this time you may actually want to carry on playing it after getting 200G in 15 minutes…

Okay, my aim for this week:



PES 2010

and King Kong

And a couple for the WinPho7 in bed:
Star Wars: Cantina

And Sims 3

Here goes…

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this. is. so. LONG.

me and bob have now been on GTA 34 hours according to raptr. 30 fucking hours just because some little shit got the first 5g achievement when i was away and my tag auto logged in. i could have ignored it. but really, a 5/1000g game just looks SO shit. plus the ratio drop on TA was horrendous. Still, nearly finished most of them.

I’ll never 100% it though. Wayyy too hard tryna get all the MP cheevs. ‘specially since i doubt anyone actually plays it anymore lol.

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