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New Portal 2 ScreenShots!

Really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really (x5000).. EXCITED for this game!

Part of me wants to find some way of getting the Limited Edition from Australia, I just have a thing for special editions, lol:


However, clicky here for the screenshots! 😀

They look so good, yet they’re probably taken from the PC version of course ¬.¬ but it doesn’t matter! The game will still be fantastic!


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Two new milestones!

So I hit 50,000 GamerScore last week while completing NHL 2k6! Woo! I also hit 25 completed retail games after completing NHL and The Sims 3. One of which I will still play even though it’s completed. lol [/simsgeek]

Gonna work on some old games next. Probably GoW2, PGR4, Blacksite and Burnout Paradise. Really wanna get the Noble map pack for Reach, too. So near to completing that it’s unreal.

In other news, I’ve booked flights to Spain for the end of March. So I’m kinda not looking for work as hard, and will just go back to norm once I get back. Got Miah spending her half term here next week, too. Should be fun. 🙂 Although I have to work on getting back into the UK time zone, as I’m currently waking up at around 8pm and going to bed at 10am-ish, so that I can play Reach and stuff online with all the yanks. I like it though, daylight burns! It burns!!

I’m a bit annoyed that none of my pen-pals in other countries replied to me asking if they would be okay with email-pals from now on, as the money is non-existent. Oh well.



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Hometime tomorrow…

So I got bored of Game Chest: Solitaire and bought Game Chest: Logic Games for the WinPho7, now I have to get all sets of pins in Chess & Minesweeper as well as Spider Solitaire and Tri-Peaks…

Been grinding the “Land a cumulative total of 10,000 planes” in Flight Control too.

Quite looking forward to going home actually, getting back on the Xbox and getting some more easy games from Tesco (DVD rental).

Still gotta get the World Player of the Year in PES though, ugh.

Oh well, back to playing Chess! Seeya!

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Dreamcast Collection Confirmed.

Sega have confirmed that a Dreamcast Collection will be released after rumours of its existence appeared last month. In an interview in the January issue of Game Informer, Alan Pritchard, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Sega, confirmed the company’s plans for their Dreamcast titles.


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Harm’s Way

Another free game with easy-G on the marketplace! And this time you may actually want to carry on playing it after getting 200G in 15 minutes…

Okay, my aim for this week:



PES 2010

and King Kong

And a couple for the WinPho7 in bed:
Star Wars: Cantina

And Sims 3

Here goes…

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50 down, 50 to go…

Congratulations Women’s Murder Club for becoming my 50th Completed Game. This currently consists of 19 Retail Games, 24 XBLA Games, 6 WP7 Games, and one GfW:L Game (list is at the bottom right).

I wanna try and hit my century by 1/1/12, so that pretty much gives me a year to get another 50. Do-able no? Since I have about 20 odd (easy-G) XBLA games purchased but never started, and all the easy-G retail games on my Tesco DVD Rental list, I should have no problems hitting the target!

Oh well, wish me luck!

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Twisted Pixel Announces Ms Splosion Man.

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this. is. so. LONG.

me and bob have now been on GTA 34 hours according to raptr. 30 fucking hours just because some little shit got the first 5g achievement when i was away and my tag auto logged in. i could have ignored it. but really, a 5/1000g game just looks SO shit. plus the ratio drop on TA was horrendous. Still, nearly finished most of them.

I’ll never 100% it though. Wayyy too hard tryna get all the MP cheevs. ‘specially since i doubt anyone actually plays it anymore lol.

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